Coach Profiles

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher

Husband of Erin

Father of Emily and Makayla

Committed Coach of Committed athletes

On a journey of constant and neverending improvemnet

Fitness Australia Registered Fitness Professional: registration number 069916

Cert III & IV qualified personal trainer

Diploma of health fitness and sport training

Metafit registered trainer.

Accredited Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Training instructor

I have been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for 20 years now and absolutely love it. I have had a lengthy period of time spent within fitness centres and health clubs working in roles such as group exercise instructor, personal trainer, lifestyle coach and health club manager. I made the decision to begin my own business in 2013 when I opened Great Outdoors Personal Training. My goal was to create an environment where people of all ages and fitness levels could attend fitness sessions in a non -intimidating environment that show cased the benefits of the great outdoors and in doing so was able to produce amazing life changing results in a fun friendly atmosphere My personal journey has seen me complete a full circle with my own health and fitness. Through my early years I was always in very good physical shape, playing lots of sport and competing at a high level.  

I was very good at athletics and swimming, played rugby league, cricket and tennis and completed a few triathlons, however making some poor lifestyle choices and losing sight of what was important to my health and fitness saw me become overweight and very unfit, drinking and eating too much and taking for granted my good health. I fell into a cycle of poor health where the less I did the less I wanted to do, I left the fitness industry for a few years, took up a role in a stressful management position and basically became a workaholic with a very poor quality of life. In this period of my life I did a lot of damage to my body, my mind and my spirit.  

I learnt a lot about exactly what it feels like to be out of shape and unfit. Today I can say I have made a complete transformation, I have a real purpose in life and a love of what I do on a daily basis.  I love my health and fitness levels today, I enjoy training and eating healthy food, I don’t drink alcohol at all and I don’t miss it one bit, I am happily married to my beautiful wife Erin who is  the girl of my dreams and we have a beautiful little girl Emily.  I can honestly say, life is good. My passion for health and fitness is able to be shared on a daily basis with all of the GOPT members. My business is all about helping people achieve their best level of health and fitness, and I absolutely love sharing in the joy people experience when they see change and improvements.

Jenny Kay

Registered Fitness Professional

Wife of Clark

Mother of Tayla, Lock, Georgia and Logan

Committed Coach of committed Athletes

Leads by example to inspire others

Cert III & IV Personal trainer

At the age of 44 I stepped onto the scales and saw the number that would change my life forever, 76 kilos, 12 kilos heavier than I was after giving birth to twins and heading into a size 16. Realizing I wasn’t getting any younger, I decided it was time to do something about it. Over the next couple of years I made a complete turn around with my diet and began to exercise on a regular basis. I managed to lose 18 kilos and can honestly say I feel like I’m in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in. This journey helped shape who I am today, refueled my passion for health and fitness and motivated me to become a qualified personal trainer.  I wanted to be able to help people take the first steps in improving their health and fitness, motivate and encourage them to push harder throughout their training session and drive them to achieve the results they want. Through being persistent and consistent, I believe everybody has the potential to reach his or her goals no matter how big or small. You may have heard the saying “its 10% training and 90% diet”. While this does highlight the importance of proper nutrition, my belief is:

100% Training

100% Diet

100% Mindset

My mission is to help you achieve your goals no matter what they are, in a fun and friendly environment, and to help you become the best version of you.

Anita Savasana

Anita’s classes revolve around finding balance in the challenge. She encourages her students to learn to let go of ‘perfection’ and come back to what is simple and joyful.


She emphasizes kindness and gentle self-care as the key factors to developing a healthy and long term yoga practice for all of her diverse clients and hopes to help you do the same. 

Stefana Brunetto

My personal journey with health and fitness starts off a little cliche when girl meets boy. Girl and boy fall in love, boy breaks up with girl, Stefana Brunettogirl then turns her attention to exercise to make herself look “good”. After a messy breakup, my already unstable relationship with my body became even more so. I was never truly content with the way I looked and had constantly compared myself to others, jumped on and off diets and exercise regimes to try and achieve the “perfect” weight, and after my first love dumped me I was left wondering if anyone else will.
As crazy as that statement sounds this is the unfortunate reality that so many woman and men face today. We heavily concern ourselves with the way we look rather than focussing on how we feel, move and think. My journey started from a place of hate for my body, however now after some self-evaluation, connections with inspiring individuals and a better understanding of what’s truly worth my time in life, I now love my body from my ‘Quadzilla’ thighs, to my swimmer shoulders (note, not an actual swimmer, I just have muscly shoulders), and exercise is something I want to do rather than something I feel I “have to” do in order to look a certain way, and let me tell you the feeling is freeing to say the least. This is what drove me to become a fitness coach and what continues to push me to be a better leader to my clients.
After overcoming my own body image issues I have become increasingly passionate about helping people live healthier happier lives, and to enjoy the journey along the way rather than focus on the end goal. It’s about creating sustainable lifestyle changes to give people a chance to live at their highest potential. I aim to deliver classes that challenge my athletes both physically and mentally with a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every session, all whilst of course having fun and creating a supportive community in the process.